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The general repair of the tandem furnace

In the years 2013 and 2014 the general repair of the tandem furnace no. 4 and… more >

The largest steel casting in the history of ArcelorMittal Ostrava

ArcelorMittal Ostrava in 2009 produced the largest steel casting, ever left… more >

Rolling mill adjustment

During the years 2013 and 2014, our company made adjustments of the rolling… more >

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ArcelorMittal´s engineering plant has supplied over 1 000 tram axles for Škoda Transportation

ArcelorMittal´s engineering plant in Ostrava has supplied over 1 000 tram… more >

ArcelorMittal engineering plant in Ostrava to manufacture tram axles for the FIFA World Cup

ArcelorMittal engineering plant in Ostrava to manufacture tram axles for the… more >

The contract of CZK 80 million has been won by ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava

Another investment to flat steel for the automotive in ArcelorMittal Ostrava.… more >

ArcelorMittal BDE Workshops won an important tender in Polish power industry

Our colleagues from ArcelorMittal BDE Worshops made an excellent start to the… more >

Turnkey project for Steel Plant – a challenge that AMEPO dealt with successfully

Design, produce, deliver, install and put into operation. Such a task on the… more >

Supporting strategic investments in Luxemburg

The workshops of ArcelorMittal BD East (Flat Products Europe) contribute to… more >

February 25, 2014

The machinery and foundry shop of ArcelorMittal in Ostrava has machined the… more >

November 19, 2014

Ronjey Banerjjee is a new director of ArcelorMittal Engineering Products… more >

Ostrava provides Hyundai with engineering solutions

Products from Ostrava are not just sections, sheets or rebars. The Czech unit… more >


15.09.2017 | Participation at the conference IFM 2017 in Austria

Our company, especially our Foundry was presented at the...

26.06.2017 | 3rd place from Metallurgical Olympics

We took 3rd place at the traditional Metallurgical Olympic games....


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